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For the second time in just three weeks, Woven were once again featured in the Sunday Times. On this occasion it was the Atelier Craft rug, part of the new Brink and Campman collection, taking the limelight. With its soft colour pallet, subtle design and handwoven finish, this rug is already showing the signs of a best seller.

Within just a few weeks of the rug being released in our modern rugs section, it is proving to be hugely enticing. 

Click here to see the article in full on the Sunday Times website -https://t.co/tFxm0CJHVY

The Atelier Craft, as seen in the Sunday Times

The Atelier Craft, as seen in the Sunday Times

If you would like to see more information about the Atelier rug or purchase the item please click here - https://www.woven.co.uk/rugs/new/atelier-craft.html

Anapurna - Part of the New Brink and Campman Collection

Following up from our feature focusing on the Atelier collection, today we look at another new design from Brink and Campmans esteemed collection – Anapurna.

Anapurna with blue tones

Anapurna with blue tones

Anapurna is of the hand knotted variety and created by expert artisans in India. With some hand knotted rugs, despite the tremendous construction, the end product may have a lower pile than expected. This certainly isn’t the case with Anapurna. Ananpurna boasts a lovely, soft, luxurious pile which is a joy to have as a feature piece in any room.

Anapurna with red tones

Anapurna with red tones

Anapurna has already had a lot of interest and we expect it to be another strong modern rug within Brink and Campmans excellent collection. With its subtle yet unusual design it is perfect to add to any room as a real statement piece.

Anapurna is available in two different colour ranges and three standard sizes. We appreciate a standard sizes doesn’t work for all projects, especially for larger rooms therefore the rug can be custom made into the size of your choice.

Anapurna is part of our modern rugs selection and is available from £499.00. Click here to see more details and purchase.


Introducing the new Japan rug

We are loving the new Japan rug from Gan’s latest collection.

“A truly surreal shower of flower petals in the land of the rising sun.”


Japan is a light and elegant hand knotted rug made from wool.

This modern rug beautifully captures Japanese spring with the embossed coral knots representing the fallen petals from a cherry blossom tree.

The various sized coral knots scattered across the neutral base adds depth with a sense of movement to the rug, giving a serene and airy feel.


This infusion of coral is a soothing centrepiece for a therapeutic home, with just the right composition, and pop of colour.

Click here to see more from their new collection.

Which personality style are you?

As you already know here at woven we are crazy about all things Brink and Campman! The 100% new wool Atelier collection is an expression of modern diversity at its finest. Each rug has been hand woven with a unique flatweave construction. These rugs are truly one of very few collections to have something for every character. So, without further ado here’s the low down on the hottest autumn collection in town.


For the Snugglers

Atelier Tweed 

Atelier Tweed 

The Atelier tweed is, a black and white closely woven flat weave in a twill structure. Crafted for optimal durability for the colder conditions. If you’re the type to huddle round the fireplace with a piping hot cuppa this rug is most certainly the one for you.


For the Fashionista’s of the world

Atelier Coco

Atelier Coco

The naturally stylish Atelier Coco is a detailed jigsaw puzzle of style, elegance and intricacy. A tribute to Miss Coco Channel herself, this influential rug ignites the fiery power of its possessor.


For the Lovers Of Colour

Atelier Craft

Atelier Craft

Let there be colour! The surprisingly light and lively Atelier Craft will have you smiling all year round. Available in bright pink, blue and yellow with this rug playtime is never over.


For the Hipsters

Atelier Note 

Atelier Note 

For the one’s who love to live it up large, the stripy black and white Atelier Note is the loud statement needed to wake up any room.


For the Classics

Atelier Poule 

Atelier Poule 

For the ultra refined classics, perhaps the simplicity of the Atelier Poule is the perfect addition to a warm and welcoming home. As we always say, less is more.

Which Atelier best suits you? Let us know what you think we’d love to hear from you.

Prado Vintage Rug Of The Week

I’m excited to announce this week’s rug of the week drum roll please… Brink and Campman’s Prado Vintage! For this week’s Rug Of The Week we are offering a 10% discount on the 140 x 200 sized rug. Normally retails at £379 now £341.

Available in 3 beautiful colour styles each finished with a light infusion of layered wool. This Loom woven rug is guaranteed to maintain a long lasting cluster of colour. The Prado Vintage as the name would suggest, is a pastel bed of irregular rectangles influenced by classic design to create a luxurious tingle under toes.

Introducing Atelier Coco

We just can’t seem to get enough of the latest Atelier collection by Brink and Campman. Presenting the stylish Atelier Coco, our vintage chic rug hand woven from only the finest wool. Are you ready to bring trendy back to your simplistic flooring?  

Are you ready to bring trendy back to your simplistic flooring?

 Atelier Coco brings lazy days under the covers back in fashion. This traditional kelim has been specifically designed to merge Indian inspirations with the modern high-end styles of west to satisfy all your needs. Available in two striking colours these elegant rugs are a must have.


Talk Of The Office...

Its fair to say when we heard Brink and Campman were set to launch a new range of kelims we were excited to see them!

Brink and Campman, who have been producing and designing modern rugs for over one hundred years, are renowned for their style and trend setting in the interior market.

 The new kelim collection is no different. Atelier Craft in particular really stands out.

The stylish, soft and sophisticated Craft rug is from the latest Atelier collection by Brink and Campman, inspired by traditional indian kelims with a modern twist. Craft rugs are hand woven from 100% Pure new wool creating a thick weave construction available in three colour ways.

Our favourite is the yellow. What do you think?

Combination rug of the week

For this week’s RUG OF THE WEEK we are offering the blue combination rug size 170 x 240. This Linie Design classic rug normally retails at £670, is now only £420.


Combination rug is one of our favourite Danish modern rugs. Available in 4 shades of colour. Each rug tufted by the hands of professional artisans using only the finest viscose for optimal colour retention. Each section of our blue rug is individually dyed and blended to create a combined spectrum of colour. The very process of its creation means no two rug will be identical. This true work of art will create the perfect dynamic to any space.

Buy combination rug now for only £430.


Autumn Inspirations

Autumn is upon us. Bring on those golden shades of brown!  We present to you two rugs sure to ignite a spice of warmth.  

Harvest rug by name, this tribal take on a modern art Deco rug is the perfect addition to any warm authentic interior. A hypnotic sea of geometry, hand sewn from pure leather in an array of warm earthy browns.  Available in two sizes, go wild and make a statement to complete your worldly home.

Harvest Rug 

Harvest Rug 


Just because it’s too cold to play outside doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Dive into this playful cluster of wool constructed pebbles. Crush, a Linie Design rug comes in 3 sizes and a variety of enticing colours unique from construction no two rugs will be the same. Reminisce on your times at the beach. This Scandinavian rug is ideal for any family home or as an energising centrepiece to liven up minimalist interior design. Hand crafted in Indian, each rug is individually bound ready to wow your guests.

Crush Rug 

Crush Rug 

Tetris - Rug Of The Week Special

For this weeks’ rug of the week special, we are offering £50 off the Tetris rug in size 170 x 240cm.

Tetris by name and Tetris by nature, this is one of Woven’s favourite modern rugs.  This rug literally takes its inspiration from inter locking blocks of colour which balance each other with the odd surprise. 


This rug has a simple and modern design, which is available in three perfect colour ways to help bring an interior space together. It is hand tufted from 100% wool making giving great durability for the price. The rich tufted pile rug will bring a playful contemporary look to any room.

Buy the Tetris rug now for only £385


Brooklyn is one of our new favourites from our Essentials Collection. The patchwork like composition pieces together different tones and textures. Taking inspiration from a classic textile technique like patchwork this piece combines the old with the new resulting in a very modern rug. 



Tufting techniques and variation of colour create a sense of depth and dimension reminding us of other popular textile textures. For example from afar one section looks exactly like a knitted stocking stitch, this is in fact a trick to the eye and actually a tufted woven pile.



Buy Brooklyn today to discover yourself the illusions hidden in this modern rug.  This design is available in neutral grey or brown or for the more adventurous green or orange.

Ambrosia by Linie Design

Summer may be ending but it doesn’t mean your home has to become cold and dark. Fitting with this summer’s botanical trends; Ambrosia, a Scandinavian rug from Linie Design will bring palm trees into your home. The neutral colours are emphasised by the bold shapes creating a subtle essence of summer. The thick viscose pile creates a rich velvet texture contrasting with the delicate palm leaves creating a cosy modern room. Perfect for those cold evening's when you are reminiscing long summer nights.

Combine this rug with grey walls or furniture to highlight the green leaves. Or add gold accessories to match the beige shine in the background of the rug. For a minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic try keeping your furniture and walls minimal so the main focus is on this striking summery rug. 

Ambrosia is available to by here from £1,020.

Ambrosia - Linie Design

Ambrosia - Linie Design

Viscose Rugs

Viscose, which is also known as art silk, or rayon is frequently viewed as an artificial fibre. In fact, it is neither natural nor artificial it sits in between. Viscose fibres are made from the cellulose in wood pulp; the cellulose is combined with caustic soda and carbon disulphide combing natural and manmade properties. This combination of natural and man made makes viscose a unique fibre; it is used successfully in the home in lots of modern rugs.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of viscose is its shine. It is frequently compared to silk because of its soft and shiny nature. Lots of companies will work with viscose rather than silk because it is much cheaper but still has an elegant and luxurious aesthetic. Colour is popular with viscose because of its excellent colour retention, this means it dyes easily and is capable of producing very bright and bold colours. The silk like shine will reflect the light adding to the pattern and surface of the rug as seen below on Graced by Linie Design.

Linie Design - Graced 

Linie Design - Graced 

Viscose is frequently used with other fibres such as wool or cotton as it blends well creating a slight shine or contrasting texture to a design. Combining fibres not only will change the fibre visually it will also combine fibre properties. For example combining wool or cotton with viscose will make it a lot more durable than a 100% viscose rug.  

See below Dapple by Ligne Pure, the colour is highlighted and emphasised by a viscose shine with a wool background creating an exquisite Scandinavian rug.

Ligne Pure - Dapple 

Ligne Pure - Dapple 

The cellulose in viscose naturally turns yellow with moisture. We are all guilty of knocking over a glass; spillages are inevitable in most houses so it is important to understand how to deal with them.  Acting fast is crucial; blot the spillage with a paper towel or cloth being careful not to spread the moisture. You can get rid of any marks on your viscose rug by using an acetic acid or citrus acid. It is important to dry the rug quickly and faced down.

Different fibres will suit each home differently, don’t necessarily rush for the 100% natural rugs or the cheapest, as it will be the properties of the fibres that will allow you to enjoy your rug the most. Click here to browse our vast range of rugs.  

September and October: The Start of the Rug Buying Season

Like most businesses in our industry we start to see a rise in the number of modern rugs being purchased during the first few months of Autumn, but why is this?

Mr Foxy - Woven modern rugs

Mr Foxy - Woven modern rugs

The seasonal factor has a huge say in the matter.  With a cooler climate during autumn months  people aim to create a warmer environment in their space. What better way to warm a room than with a heartening , soft Scandinavian rug? It is for this same reason we tend to see interest in our flatweave rug collection increase during the summer months.

September is the month usually associated with new product releases, all our associated rug designers are no different. We are always excited to see the latest designs and look forward to helping our clients find the right design to fit their space. If you ever need any help with the selection the team are always available to discuss your space and pass over some suggestions. Big rug, small rug, bold colours, neutral tones, we can certainly pass on our experience. Contact us here

Finally the annual holiday season seems to have a big effect. With many taking their holidays during the months of July and August, together with the hotter climate, rugs are often low down on the priority list. As soon as people arrive back at work, the days get shorter and the coats get thicker, September and October see significant interest in our rug collections.

Bringing the outdoors in

Here at Woven we love the new shade rug from Nanimarquina’s latest collection.

As we are in the middle of summer with autumn not far from being round the corner, we all try to make the most of summer and enjoy the great outdoors being surrounded by nature with the sun shinning, but why must it stop just outside? 

The shade rug is the perfect addition to bring the outdoors inside. The colours on the rug melt so beautifully together, with forest greens, deep blues to burnt oranges. The colours represent the outdoor elements, which make us feel relaxed, refreshed and recharged.

Bringing the outdoors in can create a seamless link between the two and make a space feel larger and open but still give a sense of warmth.

Whilst this modern rug gives us that sense of tranquility the simplicity comes with a complex technical process to achieve the perfect desired effect. The shade flat weave is hand loomed using six transitional shades harmonically.

Nanimarquina are well known for paying particular awareness to the raw materials used and attention to detail, constantly looking for development and innovation to create breathtaking designs.

Click here to view more modern rugs.

Rug of the week - Cosmoz

Cosmoz is an eye-catching piece from the new Ted Baker collection.

This modern rug has got a good balance with a geometric design in a vibrant ombre colour palette.

Geometric rugs can be sometimes be sharp to the eye but not in this case. This rug is inviting with its combination of luxury and style, bringing a unique touch to any space.  The geometric design is made amongst circles with a play of alternating colours to create a soft 3D ombre effect.

Cosmoz is available in two rich hues of purple and teal.

Cosmoz is hand woven from a new wool and Tencel mix. Tencel is an eco-friendly fibre from the eucalyptus tree, which has a look and feel very similar to silk, whilst being very durable.

Click here to buy Cosmoz for £449, just enter ‘COSMOZ10’ at the checkout to receive 10% off.

Bringing the Scandinavian landscape into your home

Whether you have been to Scandinavia or one day hope to, it is a big source of inspiration for lots of designers. ‘Iceland’ from Scandinavian rug company Linie Design is made from 100% wool. The soft neutral tones resemble the snow topped mountains and rippling waters. The unique nature of wool creates varied textures and colour blends representing the natural inspiration of the rug and a traditional Scandinavian aesthetic. These variations make each rug individual and unique to each home.

The chunky yarn used creates a slightly raised texture, like pebbles on a beach or on the side of a mountain. The neutral tones can be paired with more natural hues or a way to break up brighter colours.

Linie Design is proud to work ethically with their master weavers and materials that they use. Making sure that no materials used are hazardous and are of the highest quality.

See more from Linie Design and their Scandinavian designs here. 


Modern Expressionism in Interior Design

It could be argued that the digital world is what makes something modern, although abstract marks with hand drawn details are definitely a major design trend this year. Artists have embraced the unique characteristics that come through the hand of each individual. These organic shapes and long elegant lines can be wobbly quite unlike smooth shapes that can be created digitally. The imperfections and slight variations make these designs unique and playful adding a sense of the design process into the finished design. Although digital is still associated with modernity a new trend incorporating hand drawn aesthetics can also be considered as modern.

Hayon by Nanimarquina is an example of a modern rug in this style. Illustrative hand drawn motifs including birds, men and turtles have been converted through tufting into the surface of the rug. These different elements will bring a narrative into your room creating a fresh and modern style. The intense detail and movement will nicely compliment a plain room, although colours from the rug including red, teal and yellow can be emphasised through furniture and decorative accessories.

Click here to view more modern rugs

Hayon by Nanimarquina

Hayon by Nanimarquina

Composition with in Scandinavian design

Composition is key in all interior design but more than ever when it comes to Scandinavian design. The minimalist and effortless aesthetic, which is used by many Scandinavian companies, can be anything from a block of colour to a delicately drawn line. Where these small details sit can completely transform a rug and consequently bring new possibilities to your room.

For example ‘Shared’ the rug below by Linie Design shows one vertical stripe down the side. This is a contemporary twist on a classic horizontally striped rug. Not only is this composition pleasing to the eye it also brings a clear proportion of colour to your room. The different proportions inspire overlapping of furniture or accessories to create a new shape, breaking out of the sharp rectangular structure of the rug. This minimal yet bold design is a perfect example of a Scandinavian rug.

Shared by Linie Design

Shared by Linie Design

A contrasting composition to Shared is Memo.  The abstract shapes are placed in different ways around each other to show movement with out repetition. The cream background contrasts with the motifs emphasizing the blank space and the composition the motifs create. An off centered design like this will often draw you in much more than a perfectly balanced one.

See more of our minimal yet decorative Scandinavian rugs here.

Memo by Linie Design

Memo by Linie Design

Bauhaus weaving aesthetics in contemporary modern rugs

The Bauhaus School of Art in Weimar Germany was most famous for its weaving workshop during the 1900s. Renowned weavers such as Anni Albers and Gunta Stölzl studied and then taught at the weaving workshop developing a new movement for weaving. Emphasising the exploration of new yarns and the development of techniques. The weavers were also taught under the eyes of Paul Klee and Wassily Kandisky where they developed a sense of colour, which could be transferred back to their weaving.

Anni Albers always wanted to be a painter although whilst her time at the Bauhaus she found herself sat at a loom. A contrast to painting, weaving gave Albers a tight structure in which she could work alongside or as a way of abstraction and experimentation. Although her career path may have changed Albers still used a lot of drawing and painting as a way of planning weave patterns. 


These drawing usually consisted of blocks and stripes, which created modern graphic imagery. They were then developed into fabric using double cloth techniques. The influence of the Bauhaus movement on modern day weavers and designers can still be seen today.

For example take a look at Graphic and Leus by Linie Design. The bold blocks of colour mixed with stripes show similarities to the contemporary designs by Albers. Today these designs still portray a modern aesthetic producing contemporary rugs for the home.

Click here to see more modern rugs.

Another example is from the new collection by Nanimarquina. Milton and Blend show stripes and blocks through texture and use of yarn and structure.

Have a look at the other new rugs by Nanimarquina here