A look back at three of our favourite modern rugs from 2016 Part Three

Finally we have Limone Mix by Perletta Carpets. A dutch designer, who has each and every rug hand made in Morocco.

Each rug is made to order with a excellent lead time of only 6-8 weeks. The Limone is available in 23 unique colours. The rug can be customised with no extra charges. For example the rug can be a mix of up to two different colours as shown in the image below.  

The black and white concept gives the room a Scandinavian feel. The colours that are currently on trend for Winter 2016 give the room a modern look.

It is also possible to change the colour of the border, making your rug stand out and look distinctive. These small custom alterations can change the look and style of the rug completely. the Limone rug brings warmth and comfort to any living space, ideal for lounge/living spaces.

Perletta Carpets offer a variety of different textures and colours to help you create your own style.

The Limone/Limone Mix is available from £239m2