A guide to viscose rug care...

Viscose is a fibre frequently used in the Scandinavian rugs at ‘Woven’, it is also known as ‘Art Silk’. The fibre comes from wood pulp and because of its soft texture and reflective properties it is used to highlight and emphasise certain details.

A small pile modern rug will last longer if it is vacuumed frequently, be careful with a long pile rug as the suction can damage the fibres. If you have a viscose rug a high quality vacuum could be too vicious. We recommend using an attachment on your vacuum to spread the pressure across the surface; this will stop any damage to the fibres. If possible gently sweep your rug with a carpet sweeper, as this will eliminate any fibre breakage.  

If you have a spillage or stain it is important to act fast.  Start by blotting the area with a paper towel or clean white cloth. Avoid scrubbing the area as this can make the stain spread. Do not use water on a viscose rug; an aesthetic acid or citric rinse will help stop any discolouration. After the stain has been removed apply a small amount of fabric softener over the stained area to ensure the cleaned fibres are as smooth as the rest of the rug.

If your rug is in direct sunlight it can help to turn it around from time to time to avoid any fading.  Try and protect any areas where furniture sits on your rug, or rearrange your furniture so different areas are affected.

Pictured below is Almeria made from 100% Viscose