Design Your Own - The Natural Range

Our Design your own range offers various different samples from Alternative Flooring using Coir, Sisal, Jute, Sea Grass and an assortment of different wools. This service allows you to pick the fiber and structure of your choice along with an accompanying border.


Coir is made from Indian Coconut fibers that have been washed in the sea to give them softness.  Out of vegetable fibers Coir has a high percentage of lignin making it stronger than cotton. Coir is a versatile fiber coming in a range of colours including natural, bleached and black, which consists of a natural weft and black base.

Jute can also be known as the golden fiber due to its golden colours, it is made from the tiliaceae plant and is a soft but strong fiber.

Sea grass grows on the banks of rivers and in the surrounding meadows in Vietnam. The slight texture of the twisted fiber adds emphasis to the woven structures used in our rugs.

Sisal is a resilient fiber, which grows in the leaves of a Sisal plant. Our sisal rugs are available in soft delicate textures as well as chunkier ones for a more contemporary look.

The Fine Wool rugs are available in different stripes including pinstripes and block stripes, as well as herringbone and boucle.

The Eco Wool is made from 100% natural and un-dyed wool, the neutral colours are ethical and environmentally friendly.

Choose from traditional structures including variations of herringbone and plain weave. Be sure to look at the ‘big herringbone’ and ‘big Boucle’ for a more bold structure.

Different coloured and patterned borders in wool and cotton are available to line and edge your rug giving it an added pop of colour or allowing it to blend into your room.

Rugs can be made any size between 70 to 400cm wide and 100 to 700cm long. See the full selection by clicking here.