Painterly Textiles

The transition between drawing and textile design has become more and more relevant in designer’s work. It is now common to see original drawings translated directly onto fabric through various printing techniques. Brush strokes, along with pencil marks are purposely left to add another texture creating an illusion that the drawing has been created straight onto the fabric. Previously these marks might have been hidden or developed into block colour to disguise the early stages of the design. This technique is now used by lots of designers for fashion as well as interiors. Patterns have become more organic and free with a huge sense of movement from the artist’s brushstrokes. This trend emphasises the idea that you are not just buying into textiles but you are buying into a piece of art as well.

Tomy K is a Greek graphic designer turned textile designer. He started developing his work onto fabric after being selected for Ralph Lauren’s Art Star Project. He now produces his own printed cushions and lampshades. Tomy K’s work consists of bold hand painted motifs along with kaleidoscopic geometrics. His layered brushstrokes give his prints a playful and fresh feel.      

Katie Charlston also uses hand painting in her work. Contrasting to Tomy K, her work mainly consists of layered florals. Different lines and textures are layered on top of each other creating botanical and floral designs. The velvet edging or reverse of her cushions add sophistication and luxury to her floral designs. All of Katie Charleston’s cushions are screen printed or hand painted with dyes in her London studio.

Visit the Woven showroom to see Tomy K’s and Katie Charlston’s painterly Textiles.