Four amazing modern rugs and their uses

Modern Rugs have a wide range of features and the term can mean a lot of different things. Whether they're bright, bold and beautiful, unusual in shape, or elaborately patterned, the modern rug has become a staple for any well-appointed room. There are numerous subcategories of 'modern rug' to match the effect you are trying to achieve and the versatile nature of people's personalities, moods and surroundings. The main distinguishing factors for Modern Rugs are colour and materials. For example 'sheepskin' is its own category due to the material the rugs are made from, while many rugs are grouped by their most predominant colour.

That being said, there are a few truly amazing subcategories that you should be paying attention to. These modern rugs have very specific uses and create effective, startling and beautiful atmospheres.

Loud rugs

Loud rugs are usually focused on an extremely bold design. They tend to be simple in shape - square, rectangular, or round - and feature stunning patterns and intricate designs. Geometric patterns are popular, as are nature elements like flowers (in particular roses) and animals (birds are very popular). Loud rugs are often very brightly coloured (hence the name), but they can be any colour you like. The design does the shouting all by itself, even in subdued colours. Loud rugs are the perfect way to give a room a lift by providing an accent.

Calming rugs

Calming rugs generally do the exact opposite to loud ones. They are carefully designed to level out a room's mood in a wonderfully soothing and very appealing manner. They may be calming, but they can still stand out in gorgeous pastel shades, rather than the bright, slightly gaudy colours of their louder counterparts.

Neutral rugs

Neutral rugs remove colour from the equation completely. Think white, creams, greys and very subtle slate blues. Neutral rugs are perfect if there are colour accents in your room coming from other features and you want your rug to blend in seamlessly, rather than clashing with the existing colour scheme.

Feature rugs

Feature rugs utilise the full force of shape, colour, and pattern to achieve really striking results. They're the kind of rug your eye is immediately drawn to upon entering a room. They may be the one splash of vibrant colour in an otherwise neutral room, or the centre piece of an area. Feature rugs work best when they act alone - don't clutter the space with too many features, stick to one or two.