Thinking outside of the box...

Rectangular or square rugs can sometimes be seen as the only option amongst modern rugs or perhaps a safe choice. Another preference is a circular or oval shaped rug.

Certain Tapestry techniques, which incorporate, knotting, around the edges of the weaving allow parts of the warp to be bound off, creating more fluid or unusual shapes. 

Circular or oval shaped rugs can feel less harsh because of their smoother lines creating a softer feel to your room.  Allowing the floor beneath to be visible layering circular rugs or arranging them in a line through a hallway can create a playful yet modern atmosphere. 

One example of a circular contemporary rug is The Stone Wool collection.  It offers a variety of shapes and colours all inspired by stones and pebbles.  They are roughly 1 metre wide by 1 metre in length allowing room for experimentation of the different combinations.

Circles can also be used in a more obvious way to make a statement. A big room or hallway will welcome a circular rug making it the centre of attention and drawing you into the room.

Pictured below is China Dragon in yellow by Gandi Blasco.