Why Scandinavia is gaining ground in the UK

When you think quality, handcrafted rugs, Scandinavia is possibly not the first country of origin that springs to mind. Persia and China are perhaps better known for their carpet and rug weaving - just think Aladdin on his magic carpet.

Fescues - Massimo

Fescues - Massimo

In fact, Scandinavia’s rich history of producing fine handmade rugs puts the area firmly on a level footing with any other region in the world. Some people would even argue that it is unbeatable.

Iceland - Linie Design

Iceland - Linie Design

It’s why Woven has come to rely on creative suppliers from countries such as Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden, who have a unique ability to achieve modern and memorable designs through traditional methods of craftsmanship.

After all, rug making is part of the cultural heritage of Scandinavian people passed down from generation to generation – and the region has been blending ethnic trends and global inspiration for centuries.

As far back as the Middle Ages, Scandinavians soaked up the manufacturing techniques and aesthetics of rug-makers from Anatolia, Asia Minor and the Byzantine Empire (Constantinople), as the trade routes of the time brought the very different cultures into contact.

And let’s be honest here, countries known for their challenging climates are going to be the ones who spend hundreds of year perfecting the best use of different materials, techniques and designs to find ways to insulate and warm their homes, in the most uplifting ways possible.

To the Scandinavians, creating rugs has become as much an art form as painting pictures or carving sculptures. So it is not surprising that this global region is still a hot bed of design talent.

Indeed, Scandinavian Rugs have not just been classed as art, they have been an inspiration for designers, interior decorators, and visionaries for many years.

In the mid-twentieth century, the bold, often simplistic geometric designs of traditional Scandinavian Rugs led to leading names such as Frank Lloyd Wright incorporating them into their work.

Is it significant that Scandinavian furniture is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, with new stores opening regularly? Yes, because more people than ever are embracing the attention to detail, treatment of colour, and design flair of this geographical region.

Woven recognised this a long time ago, and is proud to be making Scandinavia’s long and golden heritage of quality rug-making easily accessible to homes throughout the UK.