Massimo - Friss

Massimo is a Scandinavian rugs company founded in 2001. They create modern and contemporary rugs using traditional weaving techniques and natural fibres.

Friss by Massimo is only one of the many Scandinavian rugs we supply here at Woven. Recently Friss has been very popular, the contrasting neutral tones and bold patterns make it a very versatile modern rug. Designed by Karen Mimi, these motifs originate from her Mother’s unfinished embroideries. The incomplete elements break up the geometric patterns, allowing the pattern to flow across the rug. The original embroidery stitches are up scaled and translated into the rug through hand knotting hemp, a traditional rug weaving technique using a smooth durable yarn. Because hemp is a long lasting fibre and is knotted densely together this rug would sit perfectly in a living or dining room where there is frequent traffic.


The beige background is a good base for any room as it is will compliment other colours.  For example, add a deep green into your room through a houseplant or contrast with blue furniture to bring out a yellow in the beige. Black and white will give a classic look where as adding warmer colours such as reds and oranges will warm up the room.


Kate Watson-Smyth from ‘Mad about the House’ featured ‘Friss’ in her recent blog post about revamping your sitting room, read the full post here.