Caring and maintenance for rugs

A beautiful rug can completely transform any room that it frequents. Owning a top-quality rug is a pleasure that can last a lifetime if you take the proper precautions to maintain its grandeur:

Eastern Dynasty 

Eastern Dynasty 

1. Vacuum regularly

A dirty rug ages prematurely and regular cleaning stops particles from filtering down into the pile where it can cause runs and tears in the delicate fibres. For regular cleaning only use the vacuum nozzle rather than the additional power brush as these can damage the top layer of your rug’s pile.

2. Avoid water damage

Prolonged dampness in the fibres can actually create rot if the material is continually wet. Common causes of water damage include potted plants on the rug, rugs in basements (susceptible to flooding), leaks and general bathroom moisture. To prevent the build-up of damaging water damage, bi-annually hang your rug outside to air or do so more regularly if occasions, such as a leak, arise.

3. Use a rug pad

Using a rug pad will keep it from sliding, maintain its shape and will prolong its life by cushioning the impact between heavy feet and hard floor surfaces. A rug pad is most commonly needed under a thin, soft rug or a patched, antique rug.

4. Placement is everything

Where a rug is placed in your home is integral to its longevity, for example, a delicate, silk Oriental rug should not be positioned in a high-traffic area. Placing a rug in front of an open fire is damaging as it dries out the natural oils in the wool and excessive direct sunlight may cause fading over a prolonged period of time. To prevent fading and wear in one region of the rug, you should regularly rotate it or even rearrange your furniture to create new pathways.

5. Spot clean immediately

Stains are inevitable but if treated immediately and correctly, a crisis can be averted. In the first instance, dab the stain with a dry cloth to soak up the excess liquid and then treat accordingly to the specific problem. Do not use bleach or coloured paper towels and avoid scrubbing at all costs.