Why Scandinavian rugs are more than just a fashion statement

The popularity of Scandinavian rugs isn't just down to the brilliance of design that the region is famous for. It's also because rugs are a necessary part of life in the colder parts of northern Europe, which means they know how to make well-functioning rugs. However, as with everything Scandinavian, if you're going to build something practical and functional, it must also be beautiful, minimalist, make use of natural materials and create a sense of warmth. Read on to find out why a Scandinavian rug isn't just there to look good.

Warmer rooms

Rugs predate carpets and are the original way of improving warmth and reducing the draughtiness of living spaces. When we shop for rugs we often forget their original function and that this function is still required. When placing a rug think about which rooms require more warmth, which floors are more draughty and where you tend to spend more time in the evening.

White berber has a soft warm pile

White berber has a soft warm pile

Protecting wooden floors

A rug can protect your beloved real wood floors, especially in high traffic areas. Consider runners in hallways and oversized rugs in large rooms to protect as much of the floor as possible.

Add texture

A Scandinavian rug, as an accent, doesn't just add function and 2D beauty, it also adds texture and this is often thanks to the use of different natural materials such as quality wool, including Afghan or New Zealand wool, and materials such as hemp, hessian and even leather. These dynamic textures add depth, as well as beauty, to any space.

Comfort underfoot

Real wood flooring is all the rage, as is concrete and tiles. However, we also like to feel warmth below our feet, especially in the bedroom or in living areas. This is a key reason to buy a soft, Scandinavian rug made with high quality wool or other materials.

As you can see, a rug doesn't just make a design statement in terms of its aesthetic, it also adds warmth, protects the floor, provides underfoot comfort and a textual depth to your living space.