It's Spring 2017 and this means it is time for us to discuss one of the trends that will define the season.

It has come to our attention that pastel colours are the ones to keep an eye on in 2017. They are characterised by light pinks, blues and yellow which make any space pop, energise the room and accentuate the light.

The Bamboo rug by Scandinavian rugs designer Massimo can be found in an amazing pink pastel colour with a soft and luxurious pile which works well in any space and gives a sense of elegance and warmth. 

Calvin Klein Home gives us another example with its "Linear Glow" in this stunning aqua colour. It combines beautiful shades of this stunning colour across its surface and it is considered a must for any contemporary space. 

If your space is missing that bit of colour, these rugs might be the perfect addition to get that summery look you have always wanted.