Introducing Serge Lesage

Serge Lesage is globally recognised for their luxurious modern rugs. We are extremely excited to have welcomed them to our woven collection. Based in France, Serge Lesage was founded in 1984 at a time when oriental designs dominated the rug industry. Their modern spin on rug design using bright colours and bold motifs will add a sense of character to any room.

Frédérique Lepers, artistic director and designer explains that…

"Over the past ten years, my work has been nourished by projects where I have fun juggling radical choices and more playful choices without ever forgetting the place of the carpet in people's lives. I have as my guide, my hand, intuitive and that of the craftsman. 
hand in hand, we move and weave the collections with a contemporary story, elegant, unique and sometimes unexpected. "


Each carpet is made from high quality natural fibres including wool, bamboo, viscose or leather. The natural properties of these fibres make the rugs durable as well as decorative. Serge Lesage also specialise in bespoke rugs adopting colours, shapes and sizes to suit you.


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