How to create a summery home

As the weather is beginning to warm up, we are spending more and more time outdoors. When it is finally time to go home, it is nice to come back to an equally summery house.

A summer aesthetic is not always just about bright colours; it is how you pair colours together. Combining warm and cold hues in ways to emphasise warm and sunny days. Adding elements of nature through natural fibres, flowers or plants. Here are our top 3 summer trends you can incorporate into your home.

Florals and plants are always a popular trend throughout summer. Bring the outdoors inside with large-scale botanicals from Sanderson. The combination of rich green foliage with dark wood will create an exotic yet rustic style. Try adding an off white through furniture or accessories to contrast with the dark wood and to create a modern twist. 

If you like the natural look of the basket woven and raffia chairs in the image above why not look at a jute or sisal rug. These hardwearing natural fibres are versatile, going with lots of different colours and an effortless way of adding texture to your home.

Whilst we are talking about plants we cannot forget florals. Although admittedly they are not for everyone they are still a classic staple for summer interior design. Whether you add them literally through bouquets handpicked from the garden or through bold motifs on cushions, rugs or curtains it will immediately make your room feel like summer.

This example by Blue Bell Gray shows how colour accents can transform a room. They painted chair and door emphasises the green and yellow tones creating a playful character.

Especially if you like by the sea, your house might have a seaside feel to it. One other summer trend is nautical. Stripes are probably the easiest to incorporate into your home. These can be large scale and bold or subtler lines. Whichever you choose will add a seaside charm. 

Along with the sea you will also find battered boats with scratched off paint and discarded fishing nets. Ombrés, and distressed textures have been inspirational for designers for a couple of years. Worn away textures are developed into organic patterns through different textures of yearn, transforming something that was once old and worn into a new and modern design. 

Fishing nets can be portrayed in geometric patterns or quite literally as seen in Ella Doran's digitally printed cushions. 

As you can see from the last three images blue can be a dominating colour when thinking about the sea. Why not combine with a red to get that real nautical feel.

Relaxing is what summer is all about, whether you are lounging in the parks, on the beach or stretched out at home. Comfort is everything so big cushions or poufs are a must. Perfect to relax on with a group of friends or family.

See below a collection of GAN poufs. 

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