Three Modern Rugs To Transform Your Space

Redecorating is an expensive and time consuming process which often puts people off, consequently leaving them with furnishings which they have grown less and less fond of over time. You can't deny that being unhappy with your home's interior is a constant cause of grief. So, how can you change the appearance of your house quickly and effectively? 

At Woven, we are firm believers that modern rugs can transform the look and feel of your home. It is a fool-proof way of breathing new life into any room, from bedroom to bathroom, hallway to living room. 

Below is a list of our current favourite modern rugs for Summer 2017 and some top tips for revamping your space.

1) Abstract Strokes (From £989)

This beautiful modern rug has been made in Holland and is 100% wool. It is a stunning, bright and playful rug which would be perfect in a space which needs a colourful focal point. It would compliment walls and floors of a huge array of shades thanks to its painterly design which features so many gorgeous colours.

Abstract Strokes

Abstract Strokes

To enhance your room with the help of this rug, we would suggest placing a vase of flowers of similar colours in the room. What a creative way of bringing those wonderful summery vibes into your home permanently?

2) Almeria (Beige Colour From £560)

The Almeria is a modern rug which will not go out of style. It has been designed by Scandinavian designers, Linie Design, and crafted in India using 100% Viscose to give it a luxurious look and feel. It is available in slate, taupe, leaf, red and our personal favourite for this summer, beige.



The beige compliments duck egg blue perfectly so combining those two colours in your room would be a fantastic way of transforming your room into a modern yet timeless space. Perhaps you could place some cushions on your bed or sofa or paint the frame of a mirror in duck egg blue to effortlessly incorporate the two colours into your home. 

3) Water Lily (from £295)

This is a modern rug which will always bring a sunny feeling into your home. It has been made in easy-to-clean acrylic so the eye-catching blues and oranges will never be missed. This is perfect for Summer 2017 and beyond as it features a number of vivid colours which can be easily matched to other pieces to provide a continuous, bright theme in your home.

Water Lily

Water Lily

We love the orange centre of the lilies, as well as the fuchsia coloured pollen, and think the Water Lily rug would match perfectly with neutral bedding and furniture to provide a beautiful pop of colour which won't go out of style.

If you're interested in viewing more from our modern rug collection then check out our collection here: