How can neutrals transform your home

The first port of call for people decorating their homes is normally choosing a colour scheme but what would happen if they decided to leave colour as an afterthought and designed a space rich in tone-on-tone neutrals? Well, it might take things a lot more straightforward and leave them with a well put together look which they were only dreaming of.

Neutrals aren't something which are at risk of ever going out of fashion. If you choose to decorate your home with them then you are going to realise how easy it is to integrate your existing furniture and bring in new pieces which fit the final look perfectly.

Whilst key colour pops and fun patterns will never fail to add to the character of a room, for a timeless and, more importantly, effortless feel, natural tones will always be your best option.

If you ever look around your home and wonder how you can get the appearance of a de-cluttered space without getting rid of the possession you love, incorporating neutral shades into each room may be the best way to do it. The beauty of working with whites, creams, stone shades, browns and blacks is that the unity they provide makes for a calm atmosphere and will lessen any distraction from other colours. It will also make adding in accent colours a dream. You can switch these around as time goes on, use a variation of patterns and shades in the forms of smaller items like cushions, pictures and ornaments and change these to fit with the season, should you please. 

Elle Decor wrote an article about neutral home decor, stating that using a range of shades in the same family will allow for a home to feel unified but will also allow for 'each room to have its own mood'.

One of the easiest and most cost effective ways of achieving a neutral theme in your living space is to use a rug with a natural colour pallet. Rugs can transform the appearance of a room instantaneously and, if they are high quality then they can serve a lifetime's worth of use. As we already concluded, neutral shades will not go out of style so your best option for a flawless and permanently modern loom is investing in a rug. 

If you are looking for a rug to fit in with your home without any difficulty and be able to be put in different rooms should you choose to move it then choosing a flatweave rug will be your best option. Flatweave rugs do not have pile so sit perfectly under all types of furniture. They come in a range of materials which mean they are affordable at any budget.

Do you love neutrals in your home? How do you integrate them into your furnishings?