Bringing the Scandinavian landscape into your home

Whether you have been to Scandinavia or one day hope to, it is a big source of inspiration for lots of designers. ‘Iceland’ from Scandinavian rug company Linie Design is made from 100% wool. The soft neutral tones resemble the snow topped mountains and rippling waters. The unique nature of wool creates varied textures and colour blends representing the natural inspiration of the rug and a traditional Scandinavian aesthetic. These variations make each rug individual and unique to each home.

The chunky yarn used creates a slightly raised texture, like pebbles on a beach or on the side of a mountain. The neutral tones can be paired with more natural hues or a way to break up brighter colours.

Linie Design is proud to work ethically with their master weavers and materials that they use. Making sure that no materials used are hazardous and are of the highest quality.

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