Scandinavian Style - A How to Guide with help from Woven’s Scandinavian Rugs

When you think of Scandinavian style, what comes to mind? Most likely, you will invisage furnishings which incorporate modernity and practicality to form effortless chic.

Scandinavian style suits apartments and houses of all different sizes and locations perfectly. The mix of neutral shades and patterns, rustic features and well-crafted finishing touches create a relaxed yet complementary feel.

Anisya from Linie Design

Anisya from Linie Design

So how can you adopt a Scandinavian Style into your home without having to immigrate?

The answer isn’t as complicated as you may have imagined. Bringing a few key pieces of Scandinavian nature into your living space can change the look and atmosphere in an instant.

When it comes to achieving this look, there are a few key elements to bear in mind:

-        Hygge

‘Hygge’ is a Danish word can be translated into English as ‘well being’. ‘Hygge’ is not just used to refer to our lives but our living spaces, too. This concept is a staple to think about when bringing Scandinavian style into your home. If you’re wondering how it can be seen in homewear then think warm rugs, bright candles and big throws with soft cushions to match.

-        Light

Scandinavian colours and tones tend to be bright and radiant. The Nordic countries have less hours of daylight then the rest of Europe but they make up for lack of it with their style, their furnishings and their lighting. Try opting for natural hues when picking out home accessories and don’t underestimate the power of good lighting. Experiment with different bulbs to find a lighting which compliments each room in your home the most.

-        Accentuate

Bringing in a pop of colour or using a different texture, motif or design can transform your home from bland to Scandinavian. Although Nordic countries love to use neutral shades, they often include a dash of variety when it comes to their furnishings to bring some fun energy into the mix. Notice that lots of Scandinavian styles, be it in the form of a single piece of furniture or a whole room or even home, use one or two bright colours in small amounts to contrast with the rest of the look and make the appearance more playful and interesting.

Coleen, Serge Lesage 

Coleen, Serge Lesage 

Bringing a Scandinavian feel into your home is easier than you may think. We recommend integrating this style with one of our Scandinavian Rugs, warm and inviting lighting and a few pops of colour in the form of plant pots, coasters or books.