Bringing the outdoors in

Here at Woven we love the new shade rug from Nanimarquina’s latest collection.

As we are in the middle of summer with autumn not far from being round the corner, we all try to make the most of summer and enjoy the great outdoors being surrounded by nature with the sun shinning, but why must it stop just outside? 

The shade rug is the perfect addition to bring the outdoors inside. The colours on the rug melt so beautifully together, with forest greens, deep blues to burnt oranges. The colours represent the outdoor elements, which make us feel relaxed, refreshed and recharged.

Bringing the outdoors in can create a seamless link between the two and make a space feel larger and open but still give a sense of warmth.

Whilst this modern rug gives us that sense of tranquility the simplicity comes with a complex technical process to achieve the perfect desired effect. The shade flat weave is hand loomed using six transitional shades harmonically.

Nanimarquina are well known for paying particular awareness to the raw materials used and attention to detail, constantly looking for development and innovation to create breathtaking designs.

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