Rug of the week - Cosmoz

Cosmoz is an eye-catching piece from the new Ted Baker collection.

This modern rug has got a good balance with a geometric design in a vibrant ombre colour palette.

Geometric rugs can be sometimes be sharp to the eye but not in this case. This rug is inviting with its combination of luxury and style, bringing a unique touch to any space.  The geometric design is made amongst circles with a play of alternating colours to create a soft 3D ombre effect.

Cosmoz is available in two rich hues of purple and teal.

Cosmoz is hand woven from a new wool and Tencel mix. Tencel is an eco-friendly fibre from the eucalyptus tree, which has a look and feel very similar to silk, whilst being very durable.

Click here to buy Cosmoz for £449, just enter ‘COSMOZ10’ at the checkout to receive 10% off.