September and October: The Start of the Rug Buying Season

Like most businesses in our industry we start to see a rise in the number of modern rugs being purchased during the first few months of Autumn, but why is this?

Mr Foxy - Woven modern rugs

Mr Foxy - Woven modern rugs

The seasonal factor has a huge say in the matter.  With a cooler climate during autumn months  people aim to create a warmer environment in their space. What better way to warm a room than with a heartening , soft Scandinavian rug? It is for this same reason we tend to see interest in our flatweave rug collection increase during the summer months.

September is the month usually associated with new product releases, all our associated rug designers are no different. We are always excited to see the latest designs and look forward to helping our clients find the right design to fit their space. If you ever need any help with the selection the team are always available to discuss your space and pass over some suggestions. Big rug, small rug, bold colours, neutral tones, we can certainly pass on our experience. Contact us here

Finally the annual holiday season seems to have a big effect. With many taking their holidays during the months of July and August, together with the hotter climate, rugs are often low down on the priority list. As soon as people arrive back at work, the days get shorter and the coats get thicker, September and October see significant interest in our rug collections.